Clay Shirky: “How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history”

A few months ago, I finally had the opportunity to read Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. In a nutshell, the books explains what makes or breaks group organization and collaboration online, and paints an excellent picture of the potential existing in new Web media. Highly recommended.

I recently came across a TED video from Shirky, taped about a month ago, wherein he explains “how cellphones, twitter and facebook can make history.” It’s about 17 minutes long, ideal mid-day study break material:


Coolest iPhone app, ever? Augmented reality for subway stations

I’m a Blackberry guy myself, and given that I was just hired at RIM (starting in the fall), that’s unlikely to change.  That said, I just came across a video demonstrating a new iPhone app that merits sharing.  Augmented reality has been, thus far, a largely untapped well of potential for mobiles.  For both the public and private sectors, this represents a whole new level of interactivity and location-based services waiting to take off.

Check out this video (originally posted on Popular Science) and see what I mean: